the brunette doppleganger version of amy adams and isla fisher

30 04 2009

we all know that amy adams and isla fisher are secretly twins separated at birth. now we have their teenage brunette counterparts

1. Both of these girls (kat dennings on the left and olivia thrilby on the right) are talented actresses and have been in great movies recently; but i totally thought they were the same person. this takeover doesnt help matters.

2. Where did Nylon get the $$ to do a MySpace takeover?

3. it worked on me. i will be buying this issue.

4. i secretely wish i could rock brightly colored hightops


music sites

29 04 2009

clearly i am procrastinating, with a second post in less than an hour, but I’ve been meaning to catalogue all of the new music sites that I come across and that are recommended to me by others. there are new ones popping up every day (if not hour), so I want to ensure I dont forget any of them.

The biggies:



The smallies:

hypemachine (the coolest music currently on the web)

muxtape (mixtapes from other people cooler than you)

hypetape (combo of the above two)

wearehunted (as per the earlier post)

The61 (kind of a digg for indie music)

stereogum (get free indie tunes — their homepage has a sweet gum mix (which i helped launch))

blackcabsessions (listen to people play songs while riding around in a london black cab)

blogotheque (the french original — came before black cab sessions. has a nice playlist on the right rail and vids tab of original video performances)

rcrdlbl (free daily downloads)

i’ll add more as i find them. lemme know what i missed in the comments


29 04 2009

so, i’ve decided to pick up the digital pen again and start posting on a more regular basis. I’m going to ease into it, aiming for 3-5 posts per week to start.

to kick it off, i’m going to get you re-acquainted with me, via my cultural consumption and digital extensions

me on Facebook

me on Twitter:

me on LinkedIn:

my team’s Tumblr page: Tumblr page that I created and curate as a vehicle for knowledge sharing and updates in the world of digital media, marketing, technology, advertising, culture and all that jazz.

what I’m reading: Netherland by Joseph O’neill. Its great. read it.

what I’m listening to: Real Estate (mellow brooklyn band in the vein of Sunny Day Real Estate and Sun Kil Moon)

Passion Pit (I defy you not to dance. or at least tap your feet enthusiastically)

Say Hi (happy rock. pure and simple. i dont even know what that means really, but go with it. its good shit.)

current show I am liking: In Treatment (I know I know, its really slow. but its also really good. give it a chance. i wish i talked like gabriel byrne)

most recent movie I loved: Adventureland One of the best coming of age films since the 80s. it was competely mis-marketed as a Judd Apatow gross-out comedy project. its thoughtful and authentic and made me have a huge crush on kristen stewart — who i didnt even know already has a million teenage guys crushing on her due to her role in Twilight.

current cool website of the moment: we are hunted (music site that aggregates all the top, most popular tracks currently on the internet — based on blog postings and actual digital listens. reference a few songs in the top ten at a party. you will be looked at as cooler than you are)

I’ll look to update the what I’m reading, what I’m watching, what I’m listening to, website of the moment… on an as-needed basis.

Also, on a daily basis I am going to post answers to a few questions that my wife Lindsey and I always ask each other before bed. Here they are with yesterday’s responses:

What is your favorite memory from the day? eating carvel ice cream (with sprinkles!) out of a mini mets helmet at citifield — which is a dope stadium btw

What are you thankful for? my health

What do you really really want? a new job

— until next time.

Friday Night Lights

11 01 2009

I know I am late, and I aplogize, but Friday Night Lights is one of the best things going for coming of age television right now. Decently engaging plots, super character depth and phenomenal writing make this show an absolute pleasure to watch. All of that, coupled with the fact that every episodes aims to jerk a tear or two from the manliest of men (overly dramatic sports will do that) are reasons enough. I have not been so vulnerable during a show since my teenage years watching Party of Five.

I hear the series will be returning to NBC after this season on the Direct TV Network, so we can all look forward to that. I hope it gains the following it deserves. I will be there…


24 11 2008

That is how many words have been written today. And what did I do to this blog? I erased all prior posts.

For some time now, jsimps has done all of this talking. It sounded like “yeah I am going to post on this, yeah I am going to talk about that” but it does not seem to happen. I figure I have to take matters into my own hands. Now that I have, let me tell you what it feels like. It feels like a bathtub full of mashed potatoes…..

Happy Thanksgiving!